2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series #39 Quicken Loans Chevrolet

Get Your First Look At The 2013 #39 Paint Scheme!

Guys, we’re DAYS AWAY from meaningful races!

Who else is excited?

This weekend, Ryan Newman will be at Charlotte Motor Speedway for speed testing (HOORAY FOR SPEED!).

This is also going to be your first chance ANYWHERE to see the brand, spanking new paint scheme for the 2013 Quicken Loans Chevy SS! Granted we’re hoping to see tons and tons of it in Victory Lane this year, but before this weekend, here’s your first two glimpses at the red and white!

This first pic was from our promotional photo shoot last month. You can tell because Ryan looks like he’s posing for GQ.

And this SUPER SECRET next pic is from YESTERDAY from deep within Stewart-Haas Racing!

Joel Jarvi

Despite being the father to 3 kids, Joel refuses to wear socks with his sandals, buy gas station sunglasses, or carry his cell phone in a leather holster on his belt. Joel is truly working in his dream job and hoping this isn’t actually his dream INSIDE a dream job. [INCEPTION SOUND]

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  1. jonathan richards

    newman is the best , followed him since 98 , cant wait to get new diecast

  2. nersis angel blue

    good paint scheme picture of you Ryan

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