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Ryan Newman Chats With The Fast and the Fabulous

Our good friend and fellow blogger Valli from the very cool The Fast and Fabulous recently posted an interview with Ryan Newman, and we wanted to share it here.

Valli was hanging out with us in Miami when she interviewed Ryan.

I won’t reprint the entire interview here (I’d rather you go over the The Fast and the Fabulous and check out the site yourself – if you aren’t familiar with Valli and her blog, you’ll figure out pretty quickly why all of us over here at Quicken Loans racing are fans of her site). But to give you a whiff of what you’ve got coming your way, here’s the intro to her interview:

On the day of the last race of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season I had the opportunity to interview Ryan Newman (as you can see in the photo above). This was all thanks to his sponsor Quicken Loans who brought me down to Miami last month. It was a quick but really interesting conversation. When I asked him about the questions he hated being asked I quickly understood why he and Tony Stewart are friends. They’re not interested in taking anyone’s crap, and if you’ve got a question for them you better make sure it’s really relevant to them. Overall Ryan was super nice and I was glad I got the chance to speak with him.

I hope you dig it! :)

We do dig it, Valli. And we’re pretty sure, our readers do too.

Read the full interview here.

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