At Homestead Miami Speedway In Homestead, Florida On November 18, 2012.

NASCAR Champion Brad Keselowski In America’s Thanksgiving Parade

Turkey. Football. Parade. Hometown boy made motorsport champion.

4 things that are happening in Detroit, MI this year for Thanksgiving this Thursday, November 22.

Rochester Hills (a suburb outside of Detroit) native Brad Keselowski captured his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship this past weekend, and Michigan couldn’t be prouder of our native son. In fact, Keselowski will be featured in the nationally broadcasted America’s Thanksgiving Parade that heads down Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit every year.

So before you sit down for some serious football watching, maybe while you’re helping mom with the stuffing, be sure to tune in to your NBC affiliate at 9:05 AM on Thursday to catch all the action of the parade, and cheer on the driver of the #2 Miller Lite Dodge and new NASCAR champ!

Joel Jarvi

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