The Great Veterans Day Giveaway Winners

You came. You Saw. You conquered. Thanks for participating in the Veterans Day Giveaway! Here’s the full list of winners.

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Carl Peterson
Anthony Cheehan
Kyle Omundson
Jill Floyd
Mary Kuliwicki
Robin Limeberger
Allison Tyler
Jane Jacobson
Dawna TerMaat
Mike McCarthy
Geoffrey Watkins
Christian Brouillette
Ryan Hoag
Geoffrey Watkins
John Boarman
Carrie Brinegar
Shawn Lackey
Mary Spieth
LeRoy Pacula
Christina Hurst
Steve McNally
Sherri Cross
Kyle Baker
Rachel Nance
Maria Rayman
Donna Wilder
Kathy Fitch
Sharon Vance
Mike Kramer
William Baker
Laurie Lichtenstein
Robert Lichtenstein
Alicia Sunday
Anita Bell
Eric Coile
Rachel Lichtenstein
Joanne Brewer
Justin Ranson
Dayle Crosetti
Sherry Windsor


Michael Knight
Christian Brouillette
Michelle Hudak
Susan Scott
Arthur Meether
Shawna Roberts
Sarah Jones
John Hart
Lucille Zimmer
Dale Fish
Juliane Kosec
Robin Bryen
John Randolph
Randy Kosec
Ron Simonson
Josh Bolden
Beverly Stinnett
Angie Wilson
David Jordan
David Hampton
Richard Roland
David Stefanowicz
Ruth Hendershot
Kathy King
Blane Arrington
Kenneth Cote
Jerry Teel
Ron Taylor
Palma Jordan
Debra Jones
Tonya Mcnally
Sheri Hand
Joseph Pennington
Ruth Wheeler
Cheryl Perkins
Michelle Pennington
Janine Hansen
Stacy Saunders
Linda Pace
Jack Bourland
Susan Phillips
Libby Stady
Wendy Williams
Candace Roberts
Andi Camassar
Desi Kesler
Deborah Gilbert
Harry Barbee
Dorothy Maw
Al Luigs
Lara Angold
Amy Powers
Anthony Colbert
Beth Leader
Lisa Stork
Roberta Mack
Shari Willard
Ron Klatt
Bobbi Russell
George Fielder


This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Debra Hartley

    I do not see who won mortgage payments for a year.

    1. Joel Jarvi

      Debra – You’re thinking of the Skip-A-Year Mortgage Sweepstakes. We’ll be announcing those winners as soon as we get all the info collected.
      Make sure you LIKE Quicken Loans Racing on Facebook as I’m sure they’ll break the scoop first!
      Have a great day and thanks for checking out our blog!

  2. Scott

    There must be a mistake. My name isn’t on either list.

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