Ryan Newman Q & A: Ford EcoBoost 400 Edition

Only one race left in the 2012 season! Check out the Q & A with Ryan Newman as he heads to Homestead-Miami Speedway this weekend for the Ford EcoBoost 400.

This is your last race with the U.S. Army on the No. 39 Chevy. Can you talk about what you have learned in your four years with the U.S. Army sponsorship and what it has meant to you?

“I’ve always been very proud to represent the U.S. Army and the Soldiers, and I’m very honored to have had that opportunity for the past four seasons. I’ve always said working with the U.S. Army was very different than any other sponsor I’ve ever had because I wasn’t representing or endorsing a product. I was representing people, so it was a very unique union. I learned a lot about the Soldiers. I learned a lot about the education programs we are part of in the recruiting process. I was a proud representative of the name and the people and the colors. I think the greatest thing being associated with the U.S. Army taught me was an appreciation for the Nation that we live in and an appreciation of the Soldiers. I talked about this last weekend on Veterans Day, and I will again in our last race with the Army. But a lot of us – myself included – take for granted the freedoms we have. Just putting into understanding the sacrifices our Soldiers make and what they’ve done for hundreds of years to make sure we’re able to keep these freedoms and live in the safe country we do is something that we all should be grateful for each and every day. While this is our last race representing the U.S. Army, I will always consider myself part of their team, and I will always be proud to represent the more than 1 million Soldiers out there and thank them for what they do for us.”

In the last three races, the reunion with crew chief Matt Borland has generated positive results. Do you feel like that past chemistry is back between the two of you?

“Matt and Daniel Knost the engineer – everybody on the team is doing a really good job. I really can’t say enough about how the transition has been the past three races. In three races together, we’ve been 11th at Martinsville, 12th at Texas and fifth at Phoenix. Without all the controversy at Phoenix, we probably wouldn’t have been fifth, but we were a top-10 car. We proved that when we stayed out on old tires there and ran second for so long. We drove it back up to eighth, and then got into fifth there when all the drama started. But I’m just really proud of the guys. For us to be doing what we’re doing and preparing for 2013, it’s been a great effort. And Matt and I do have a history that I think is working to our benefit. I think we speak a similar language and we understand each other on a different level. It’s been a good three races, and I’m really looking forward to this weekend at Homestead and ramping up for the 2013 season.”

Historically, Homestead has not been one of your better racetracks. Talk about racing at Homestead and this weekend’s season finale.

“I really look forward to Homestead. It’s a really fun racetrack for all of us. For us to go down there and end the season on a racetrack that is very raceable is something I’m happy about. They really did a great job the third time around on redesigning that racetrack. It’s a great place to have a championship weekend for all three series. For me, it’s kind of bittersweet this weekend. We want to win another race. We’re not in the Chase for the Championship. But each and every race, no matter what, we are there to win. It’s our last race with the U.S. Army as a sponsor. That’s going to be special and a little bit emotional from that standpoint. I’ve not had the best record there, but we’ve been getting better here these last three weeks, so we would like to build on that momentum, end the season on a high note and really go into 2013 with something to be proud of. I just want to have the season end on a good note for everybody.”

You speak very fondly of your experiences with the U.S. Army. Is there any one great takeaway that you have?

“Honestly, I’ve enjoyed every experience with them. I’ve gotten to go to bases, visit with Soldiers, fire the weapons, learn about their technology and education. I’ve also had the very difficult visits to Walter Reed Hospital, where I’ve met with wounded warriors and that’s very emotional. There are a lot of first-hand experiences I will never forget and that has given me a great appreciation and understanding of not just the U.S. Army and the Army Strong Soldiers, but of other servicemen and women in other branches of the military. I’m really grateful for all of my experiences and I wish it wasn’t ending, but that’s part of this sport. We will go on thanking and always remembering and paying tribute to the Soldiers for the freedoms we have. And I will say this, there’s not a single Soldier I have met that I wouldn’t consider having as a friend. I can’t say that about people off the street. The U.S. Army does a great job of putting great teams together to fight for our freedom. And I’m honored that I’ve been able to represent them.”

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