Skip A Year Sweepstakes All Prizes Unlocked

Skip-A-Year Sweepstakes Level 5 Unlocked!

skip a year sweepstakes all prizes unlocked 300x275 Skip A Year Sweepstakes Level 5 Unlocked!Great news, my friends.

We unlocked level 5 in the Skip-A-Year Mortgage Sweepstakes. That means that ALL of the prizes are now available and will be awarded when the sweepstakes ends on Nov. 18, 2012.

Five super lucky Americans will have their mortgages paid off for one year, up to $30,000 each! That’s some nice payola. Five people will be very happy once the winners are chosen and the prizes are awarded.

There are other great prizes, including 10 pairs of cold passes to any 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Fun times for race fans. Here is a list of all of the prizes now available through the Skip-A-Year Mortgage Sweepstakes.

  • 5 winners get a year-long vacation from their mortgage in 2013
  • 10 VIP race experiences to The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race of your choice
  • 20 Ryan Newman Autographed Die Cast Cars
  • 5 Tony Stewart Autographed Die Cast Cars
  • 50 Ryan Newman Autographed Hats
  • 15 Tony Stewart Autographed Hats
  • 25 Ryan Newman Autographed Fatheads
  • 25 Tony Stewart Autographed Fatheads
  • 50 Tony Stewart Autographed Hero Cards
  • 100 Ryan Newman Autographed Hero Cards

And don’t forget to keep playing daily until Nov. 18. Each entry gets you closer to one of the prizes. No mortgage in 2013? I bet you like the sound of that.

Finally, here’s our infographic about mortgage and other debt, which coincides with the sweepstakes. Check it out. And play the sweeps.

Oh, and finally, here’s a bonus code for you: VETERANS

skip a year sweepstakes1 Skip A Year Sweepstakes Level 5 Unlocked!

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  1. Ted Evans

    I Submitted the Mortgage Sweepstakes entry form 2x. I know the email address is correct but it still does not recognize it. Afraid of tyring the 3rd x so it dont kick me out forever .

    1. Joel Jarvi

      Ted – If you shoot an email to, she’ll be happy to assist.

  2. Marion Rhines

    This would be a most awesome gift. We have adopted two children in the last year and this would help is get financially secure again. We have enjoyed the service we experience with Quicken Loans. thank you!


    Re: Veterans Day

    My uncle Ben is my favorite veteran..He stormed the beaches of Normandy. He is now 92 and last Christmas is the first time he even mentioned it, or all the metals he was awarded including the Purple Heart ( I think it was 2 Purple Hearts, but I might be wrong).

    However, i cherish and support all of our veterans who have fought to keep America free.

    I love you all!


      A year without a mortgage payment would be wonderful……..Would really stretch our Social Security payments. So we could pay off some of our medical bills, lol, for sure……
      Lucie & Hubby

  4. Loretta Smith

    Boy, today is a bad day for me, was on un employment…. But told today no more extentions, I have a mortgage and bills, I could sure use a year of no payments NOW!! I hope I win! I am sad today and worry about the holidays now. Cant find a full time job its really bad out there. I guess there is always hope and something good comes from something bad..LOL.

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