Level 2 in the Skip-A-Year Mortgage Sweepstakes Unlocked!

Great news, people!

You’re making magic happen!

Because of you all entering the Quicken Loans Skip-A-Year Sweepstakes and coming back to earn more entries by inviting your friends, watching videos, and taking surveys and polls, we’ve surpassed 250,000 entries and unlocked Level 2!

So, what’s the big deal?

Simple, one more person is getting their mortgage paid for 2013.

Let’s recap.

We’ve hit 250,000 entries, so here’s what’s going to be given away after the sweepstakes ends on November 18, 2012:

  • 2 mortgages paid in 2013
  • 25 Ryan Newman autographed Fatheads
  • 25 Tony Stewart autographed Fatheads
  • 100 Ryan Newman autographed Hero cards
  • 50 Tony Stewart autographed Hero cards

Great job, folks!

Make sure you head back daily to earn entries and keep unlocking prizes and increase your odds of winning! Come November 18, 2012, we want to be giving away our full slate of prizes AND all 5 of those mortgages paid in 2013.

In fact, here’s a code for all our loyal readers to go and earn another entry RIGHT NOW, it’s PITSTOP.

Bring it!

Joel Jarvi

Despite being the father to 3 kids, Joel refuses to wear socks with his sandals, buy gas station sunglasses, or carry his cell phone in a leather holster on his belt. Joel is truly working in his dream job and hoping this isn’t actually his dream INSIDE a dream job. [INCEPTION SOUND]

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  1. Louise Posnick

    Where are the codes?

    1. Joel Jarvi

      Louise – We’re releasing the codes over the course of the entire contest, until November 18, 2012. You can find the codes by liking the Quicken Loans Racing Facebook page, signing up for our weekly email update, and keeping your eyes peeled in our blog and other places.
      Good luck!

      1. miki

        Where are the codes?! I’ve been looking for 10 minutes and finding nothing.

        1. Joel Jarvi

          Miki – You can find our bonus codes all throughout our Facebook page from our recent and current posts. The latest code is KANSAS, from the race this past weekend. Just visit our Sweepstakes page at QLRacing.com, enter in your email address and contact information, and then you should see a box labeled “CODE ENTRY” where you can enter in our bonus codes for extra entries. Also be on the lookout throughout the week for more codes.

  2. Jodie O'Connell

    how do i enter?

    1. Joel Jarvi

      Jodie – Head on over to QLRacing.com and follow the directions and you’ll be all set!
      Have a great day!

  3. Linda Peters

    We have bee customers of Quicken Loans for years and have in fact refinanced with Quicken Loans for the 2nd time just recently. We did our research. There is no other company that makes financing/ refinancing easier and stress free, than Quicken Loans. Every time we had a question we would make a call or send a text and the response was immediate. We completed our last refinance entirely online and through the mail. Our work was minimal and the explanation was simple, easy to understand, to the point. We are near retirement and working towards paying off our mortgage and the options and information was phenomenal! My family is precious to me and I have recommended Quicken Loans to many. If we would be so lucky as to win payments on our mortgage, we would request the benefits go to an active or past military family. My husband was in Vietnam, thank God he came home. There are many military families struggling, I wonder if Quicken Loans could open up a special program as this to military personnel ? Not that anyone else is not undergoing the same financial difficulties, but our military, men and women are giving the ultimate anyone could offer their country. Maybe two programs? Just a suggestion. Please do not forget those who have given us the Freedom we enjoy every day here in the United States of America. Thank you.

  4. Martin

    ok got the next code where/how do I enter it?!!!!

    1. Joel Jarvi

      Martin – Head over to QLRacing.com, enter your email address in the entry field and you’ll see below where to enter the codes to get an extra entry.
      Thanks for playing!

  5. Christy

    How/where do you get a second code?

    1. Joel Jarvi

      Christy – We’re sprinkling codes all over the place! Be sure to like us on Facebook, sign up for our racing email updates, and keep on reading our blogs and you’re sure to find more.

  6. Sarah

    How do i earn point for video? I’ve watch the videos but no point added?

    1. Joel Jarvi

      Sarah – Thanks for playing! If you’ve already watched a video this week, you’ll only receive the points for that video. We are adding new videos once a week, and when the new one shows up, you’ll be able to earn more points!
      Good luck!

  7. bessi wilson


  8. Ginnie

    We have been using Quicken for years. They always keep us informed in any changes. It’s fun playing this game too. (of corse it would be more fun if I win) good luck to everyone!

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